What is Deconstructivism?

Deconstructivism is a branch of Modernism. It shares Modernism’s lack of applied ornamentation and other aspects of the Modernist vocabulary. However, rather than being composed simple forms, Deconstructivist buildings often use abstract and non-geometrical forms. They often have no immediately apparent visual logic, often appearing fragmented and having unusual penetrations. The advent of 3D computer […]

ING House

This architectural wonder, once the headquarters for the ING Group, is in Amsterdam Zuidas district. The postmodern design by Meyer and Van Schooten architects and built by Heijmans construction is lovingly referred to as the dustbuster by locals.

Habitat 67 – Walkways and Windows

Habitat ’67 is a unique residential complex, which provides significantly higher density living than single family homes, while still providing many of the benefits of single family homes such as significant outdoor spaces for each home, and a sense of community. Apartments in Habitat are formed from a handful of standard modules combined in a […]

What’s On Deck For Architypes?

We're diving deep into some of our favorite architectural wonders and building products around the world. Next on our list of buildings is Turning Torso followed by a product comparison on granite sealing products.