About Architypes


My name is Scott and this is how Architypes came about.

Our story begins in the mid 90's when a young man finished high school with no idea what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. His grades in high school were atrocious so his only option was to sign-up at the local community college. You can't graduate without picking a focus for your studies so for lack of a better option he chose architecture.

That blase faire choice was the best decision he ever made. After graduation he headed right out into the real world to find work. As luck would have it he landed a job at just the second architectural firm he interviewed at, and it was at this firm that his passion for homes and interior designed flourished.

Decades have passed and that passion hasn't wavered. It has simply culminated into this website, to the point that when we think "love of all things architecture", it's difficult not to think of Architypes.net.

Today my wife Jessica and I write articles for the site almost every day. We get help from our sons and a few friends as well because building and maintaining a website is tough work. Fortunately, it’s a labor of love for the two of us.

If you have any questions my email addresses is [email protected]

If you want to contribute an article to the site we do accept guest posts but they better be good ones. We won’t publish any old fluff on Architypes. Send me an email and I’ll get back to you if I think we’re a good match.

The Architypes web project was made possible by contributions from Countertop Investigator. If you’re looking for information on granite countertops or just want to browse their gallery of beautiful kitchen, check out their website.