You'll Love The Stylish Open Kitchen In This Tiny Cottage

Cute little cottage, right? It's in Atlanta if you're ever in the neighborhood.

It was remodeled by Carl Mattison Design, a full service remodeling company with quite the talent for design. It’s rare to find a builder that does good design work too.

Here's a quick shot of the "before" so we can appreciate just how far this home came.

I don't know about you but I think simple flower boxes like these are a perfect touch for a small home.

The living room looks quite spacious. It got a lot bigger once they removed the wall for the dining room and incorporated the two spaces into one.

What a beautiful stone they selected for the bathroom vanity.

There's beautiful granite in the kitchen too.

The dark wood of the island contrasts perfectly with the white cabinets.

And it all flows nicely back into the living spaces creating a truly open concept.

I could sleep for days and days in here.

The eating area is just enough in my opinion. Nobody ever eats at the table anymore anyway.

Double vanity? Yes, please.

Here's another pic from the outside.

So light and bright. I would have never though I would have liked a full gray color scheme.

It's tough to make a stoop inviting but he totally nailed it.

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