Sometimes, you just have a burning desire to replace a glass pendant shade. Maybe you’ve broken one. Maybe the original fixture is gorgeous, but you’re sick and tired of looking at the shade. Whatever the reason, thankfully there are replacements available in a pretty wide variety of styles. There’s no need to replace your entire light fixture to get a new look–just swap out your shades instead. Here’s a short list of 10 replacements for you to consider.

Satin nickel pendant light fixtures are a popular choice for many reasons. Like their similarly-named brushed nickel counterparts, they hide a multitude of sins, like fingerprints and dust, better than chrome or stainless steel. And they look amazing, too, which is why so many homeowners are opting for this practical finish. Here are 10 awesome fixtures to consider for your home. Susan Inverted Bowl This fixture is a practical and attractive piece of lighting for your kitchen or dining room.

If your home decor calls for something with a rural feel, farmhouse pendant lights may be just what you need to create a look you’ll love. For a down-home feel with lots of country charm, take a look at these fabulous farmhouse inspired options. Glass Mason Jar Pendant This fun and functional multi-pendant offers plenty of task lighting and even more country charm. It has three rounded glass ‘jar’ shades with a rustic black metallic finish.

Mini pendant lights are perfect for when you want some added ambient or task lighting, especially if you have limited space or want a unique piece to make a statement with. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Here are some that you may want to consider using to boost not just the illumination but the character in your home. Quoizel Emery 8-inch Wide Brushed Nickel Mini This Americana-inspired mini features a metal shade and classic shape full of curves.

Nothing beats pendant lighting for the area above a kitchen island. Having directed task lighting above one of the most used spots in your home cannot be underestimated. Proper illumination over your island doesn’t just look nice but it makes for a safer and cleaner kitchen. Here are 15 fixtures that will make you want to build a second island just so you can hang more than one light.

Clear glass pendant lights come is a huge variety of styles and designs. They’re perfect for any decor style and, despite being made with ‘plain’ glass, they can be stunning in any setting. Here are some of the classiest ones you’ll find for your home. Nadine 1-light Schoolhouse Pendant The charm of old school industrial design makes this a standout pendant light for your kitchen or dining room. The curved ‘schoolhouse’ style glass dome is simple and elegant, contrasting perfectly with the solid hanging rod and base.

You can find clear glass pendants like these at your local lighting showroom, or online at stores like where they're usually cheaper. Image Attribution You may think of elaborate, artsy lighting when you think of pendant lights, but there are just as many simple, chic options as there are fancy ones. In reality it includes any light suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or rod. Even hanging a ball jar with a bulb from the ceiling technically qualifies.

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